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Mon, 24 May 2021

Silverback Publishing Offers Digital Subscriptions To Four Consumer Titles

London, 24th May 2021

Silverback Publishing Offers Digital Subscriptions To Four Consumer Titles

Specialist consumer magazine publisher Silverback Publishing has launched brand new digital archives of four titles in collaboration with the Exact Editions platform. Individual and institutional subscribers will benefit from unlimited and fully-searchable access to the respective magazines’ collections of back issues, as well as all new issues going forward.

- Blocks Magazine is a monthly celebration of everything LEGO. Aimed at enthusiasts of all ages, the magazine includes reviews, hints and how-to features from LEGO experts. Digital subscriptions include access to the full archive stretching back to 2014.

- Shindig! Magazine is an eclectic cornucopia that has been championing the most interesting music and related culture from the past 6 decades for over 20 years. The monthly magazine covers psychedelia and prog, cult soundtracks and everything in between, with a strong focus on new music. The complete digital archive currently includes over 120 issues.

- Retro Ford Magazine is edited by a highly knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic team who take an active role in the world of old Fords.

- UK Rock & Roll Magazine magazine combines coverage of the roots of rock’n’roll with in-depth coverage of what’s happening now in the wide, wild and wonderful world of the music genre.

The Exact Editions platform facilitates cutting-edge subscriptions that boast a whole host of advanced functionalities; a comprehensive Boolean search function allows readers to easily use the archives as a research tool, whilst cross-platform accessibility means readers can delve into content whether they are at home or on-the-go.

Subscriptions to the four Silverback Publishing titles are available in the Exact Editions shops here:

Blocks Magazine for Individuals

Blocks Magazine for Institutions

Shindig! Magazine for Individuals

Shindig! Magazine for Institutions

Retro Ford Magazine for Individuals

Retro Ford Magazine for Institutions

UK Rock & Roll Magazine Magazine for Individuals

UK Rock & Roll Magazine Magazine for Institutions

Publisher Tom Saunders said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer such a sleek digital subscription option, which lets readers old and new dig into the content that they love wherever and whenever they like.”

Managing Director of Exact Editions, Daryl Rayner, remarked: “These four titles are excellent additions to the platform, and we look forward to working alongside Silverback Publishing to generate a new digital stream of revenue from valuable archives.”

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