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Thu, 27 Jul 2017

Sight & Sound unveils digital archive with Exact Editions.

LONDON 27th July 2017

Today the red carpet has been rolled out for film enthusiasts around the world with the launch of the brand new digital archive of the renowned film magazine Sight & Sound.

Published by the BFI since 1932 Sight & Sound has partnered with digital publishing experts Exact Editions to develop this comprehensive research tool for institutions, universities, schools and other organisations around the world. With the archive’s launch, film fanatics and academics anywhere will be able to study 85 years of back issues of the magazine, as well as its long-running sister publication Monthly Film Bulletin (1934-1991), at the click of a button.

The digital archive showcases every page of the magazine’s historic 500+ issues, as well as each new issue, creating an essential research tool and database for film enthusiasts. From the early days of cinema through to the latest Christopher Nolan blockbuster, Sight & Sound has been there from the start of cinema as we know it, offering expert film commentary and criticism, the full archive of which is an essential resource for any film aficionado.

Available for the first time for institutional subscribers. A subscription to Sight & Sound with Exact Editions features unlimited IP authenticated access for every user at a subscribing institution. The full archive can be read, searched and downloaded seamlessly across web, iOS and Android digital platforms, ensuring that any issue can be read anytime, anywhere.

Sight & Sound is available in the Exact Editions institutional shop here:

Rob Winter, Head of Publishing at the BFI said:

"We are proud to present this archive project with Exact Editions. It is exciting to be able put the archive of Sight & Sound and Monthly Film Bulletin in the hands of new readers with this institutional subscription.This is an unrivalled archive of film commentary and criticism that showcases the best writing on film. It is also a fascinating record of the films released in UK cinemas, paired with insightful reviews. Together it’s an essential treasure-trove of a resource for the serious film fan - and it looks great on the Exact Editions platform!"

Exact Editions’ Managing Director Daryl Rayner said:

"Sight & Sound is the perfect magazine for the Exact Editions platform, each issue is beautifully produced and shines on our reader. Exact Editions are proud to offer the comprehensive archive to our institutional subscribers, for whom it will be invaluable."

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