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Mon, 7 Aug 2017

Magazine publishers see record sales growth following digitisation of archives.

LONDON 7th August 2017

Figures released today by digital publishing platform Exact Editions reveal remarkable growth in revenue for publishers working in the institutional subscriptions market. With a record increase in the value and number of institutional subscriptions sold for publishers following the completion of archive digitisation projects.

Exact Editions specialise in working with publishers to develop complete research databases of magazine and newspaper archives, before marketing and selling the archives to the institutional sector. Together with their publishing partners, Exact Editions build archives offering multi-platform digital access, with unlimited user access, ideal for research institutions, schools and corporate subscribers, among others.

The Wire and Gramophone, two long standing publishing partners that have built complete archives with Exact Editions revealed today that they saw a number of important key financial indicators improve in the years following their respective archive launches, including:

- The Wire (655%) and Gramophone (424%) each saw steady and significant increases in institutional revenue in the 5 financial years following their archive launch.

- The number of institutional sales per year has also dramatically increased during the same 5 year period up to 2017, for The Wire (181%) and Gramophone (167%).

These figures demonstrate that starting from a steady position of selling to institutions around the world, with the addition of a complete archive, both The Wire and Gramophone were able to sell many more subscriptions at a significantly higher value over a sustained period of time. A rosy future is there for the increasing number of periodicals investing in digitising their extensive backfiles.

Download a case study on the archive projects and their success with institutions here:

Exact Editions’ Managing Director, Daryl Rayner, said:

“At Exact Editions we have worked with a wide range of publishers to develop digital archives and build subscriptions on their behalf. We are delighted that two of our longest serving publishing partners in The Wire and Gramophone have seen such strong growth in sales, and continue to do so. These archives are more valuable because they are complete, provide campus-wide access, are fully searchable and of course command a much higher subscription fee. This is a welcome bit of good news for periodical publishers, that there is room for growth in building deep archives and creating a valuable research product for institutions.”

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