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Tue, 7 Sep 2021

Book Publishers Support COP26 Conference Through Virtual Showcase

London, 7th September 2021

Book Publishers Support COP26 Conference Through Virtual Showcase

Over 35 book publishers have contributed titles focussing on the climate crisis and sustainability to a streamlined virtual showcase hosted on the Exact Editions platform. The showcase will be free and open-access temporarily throughout both the Milan Pre-COP Meeting (30 September - 3 October) and the Glasgow COP26 Meeting (1 -12 November), running alongside other key events and resources.

The initiative is supported by the International Publishers Association (IPA) and Save The Children in their respective missions to spread awareness about the need for urgent combative actions against the climate crisis across society, both for the world of today and future generations. Each participating publisher, the likes of whom include Bloomsbury, Elsevier and Springer Nature, has its own shelf of four titles, which range widely between fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. There is also a separate collection of all the German-language books in the showcase, following a strong response from the German book publishing sector.

Exact Editions’ leading digital archiving technology means each individual book, publisher sub-collection and the complete showcase all benefit from the advanced search function, which enables readers to pinpoint references to specific key terms, topics or authors instantly. Titles can be navigated seamlessly through fully-linked contents pages and a helpful variety of views: single-page; double-page; and thumbnail.

Find out more about the COP26 Showcase here on the Exact Editions blog:

COP26 Virtual Book Showcase Blog

Chairman and Co-Founder of Exact Editions, Adam Hodgkin, said: “The ability to effortlessly stream large archives and collections online means the platform is the ideal tool for publishers to project content in support of the COP26 conference. We are proud to champion such an important cause and proud that the wide range of material makes the showcase compelling to people of any age and stage.”

Michiel Kolman, Chair of the IPA Inclusive Publishing and Literacy Committee, commented: “Research has shown that reading has the power to deepen our understanding of key issues. In terms of climate change, both fiction and non-fiction genres help to inform, inspire and ultimately shape a sustainable culture. Publishers are also increasingly taking steps to reduce their own environmental footprints, and this purely digital showcase is indicative of a move to more sustainable initiatives.”

Emma Wagner, Head of Education Policy & Advocacy at Save the Children, remarked: “The showcase is a wonderful resource; the role of children in tackling the climate crisis is crucial and the educational books included in the showcase enable them to simply understand complex issues and tackle them positively as they grow up. We call for more accessible and multilingual resources for children of all ages on climate change to be made available worldwide.”

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