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Thu, 28 Oct 2021

39 International Publishers Join Together for First Streamed Virtual Book Showcase in Support of UN’s COP26 Meeting

London, 28th October 2021

39 International Publishers Join Together for First Streamed Virtual Book Showcase in Support of UN’s COP26 Meeting

Over 150 books focussing on climate change and sustainability from 39 German, French and English-language publishers can now be freely read, browsed and searched as part of an unprecedented and innovative virtual showcase, created in support of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

Streamed through the Exact Editions platform, the showcase includes books from fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature genres that cover topics from air pollution and economics to biodiversity and agriculture. The collection of titles constitutes a comprehensive resource that aims to spread awareness about the need for urgent combative actions against the climate crisis across society.

The showcase opened for an initial period of four days around the Pre-COP Meeting in Milan, and is live from today until the end of 22 November in support of the main COP26 Glasgow Meeting. The initiative, which has been supported by the International Publishers Association (IPA) and Save the Children, is the first time that publishers have participated in such a freely-available and virtually streamed collection, and is an example of how the publishing industry at large is taking steps to emphasise the importance of sustainability.

Exact Editions’ leading digital archiving technology means each individual book, publisher sub-collection and the complete showcase all benefit from the advanced search function, which enables readers to pinpoint references to specific key terms, topics or authors instantly. Titles can be navigated seamlessly through fully-linked contents pages and a helpful variety of views: single-page; double-page; and thumbnail.

Click here to access the COP26 Virtual Book Showcase until 22 November:

COP26 Virtual Book Showcase

More Information

Chairman and Co-Founder of Exact Editions, Adam Hodgkin, said: “We are so proud to be working with internationally prestigious publishers to present such an important showcase of books, whose climate-driven subject matter is hugely relevant as society evolves to be more sustainable. We are aiming to reach audiences far and wide during the next 3 weeks and spread the word about these brilliant free resources, which have been so generously made available by the publishers.”

Jim Martin, Publisher at Bloomsbury, commented: “The climate crisis is beginning to affect every part of our lives, and the publishing industry is no exception. This forward-thinking initiative is a great way to bring powerful, influential and thought-provoking books to as wide an audience as possible during COP26, and we are very pleased to be involved.”

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