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your bumper exploration of new music

20 Giya Kancheli

The spiritual silences punctuating the music of t h~sGeorgian composer are loaded with meaning, harbouring mute protests agalnst the ex-Soviet Union's oppression of his homeland. By lan MacDonald

26 Invisible Jukebox: Caetano Veloso

The great Brazilian Trop~calistaairs his enthus~amfor the music of Betty Carter, Bob Dylan, Anton~oCarlos Joblm, Arto Lindsay, Yoko Ono & John Lennon and more.Tested by Peter Shapiro

32 Angus MacLise

2 0 years after thd death of The Velvet Underground's original drummer, former colleagues John Cale, Tony Conrad, La Monte Young and Ira Cohen recall his Impact on New York's 60s avant garde. By Alan Licht

36 Matt ~ e r b e r t

Now working to an arch~tectronrcbluepr~nt,the artlst also known as Wishmountain and Rad~oBoyhas devised a new form of House muslc pulsing with the heart and soul of its inhabitants.By Kodwo Eshun

40 Death FromAbove

Since ApocalypseNow merged rotary action with rock 'n' roll and Wagner, hel~coptershave cast a deadly shadow over the muslc of Psych~cN , Cabaret Voltare, Ice T, Stockhausen and more By Ken Hollings

46 Mark Perry & Alternative TV

In the late 70s, the founder of Snimn' Glue and A N quit punk when ~trejected ha embrace of Industrial culture and improvisatm. 2 0 years on, ha music and aaltude still sound spiky. By BenWatson

52 Undercurrents #12: Worship The Glitch

Concluding our series uncovering the hidden wring of the 20th century, Rob Young celebrates the sound of music reach~ngan advancedstate of decay in the nolses of Mego, Coil, Oval, Autechre and more

58 Diamanda Galas

On the eve of the London premlere of Defrxiones, Will And Testament, her powerful new work about genoc~de,the apocalypt~cNew York diva discusses the ramifications of her art wlth lan Penman

66 99Rewind

The definitive charts of the year In music assembled by The Wire's crack wrltlng squad; plus commentaries from key players $uch as Company Flow, Holger Gukay, Jim O'Rourke, Pole, Genesis P-Orridge and more

26 Soundcheck New selected albums and singles, IncludingJohn Adams, Derek Ba~ley& Han Bennink, Blackalicious, Don Byron, Cornellus Cardew, Wendy Carlos, Hariprasad Chaurasia & Sh~vKumar Sharma, Fushitsusha,Grateful Dead, Ground Zero, JansenlBarbierllKarn, June Of 44, Richard H Klrk, Mass, Russell Mills, Mos Def, Jim O'Rourke, Charlerpagne Palestine, Papa M, Harry Partch, Salaryman, Sand, Sonic Youth, Squarepusher, Sun Ra, David Sylvian, ~en'vandermark,John Wall and more 106 Multimedia [The Userrs novel uses for the dot matrix prlnter 108 Print Run New music books: Jon WozencroVs sensual sleeve art; Nick Cave's biopics; a Prog life of John McLaughlin; two HipHop h~stor~es;film composers speak out; plus cuttlng up rough w~ththe Vienna Aklonlsts 114 On Location Gong live: Warp's tenth birthday bash; Laur~eAnderson's multimedia MobyDick; ecstaticjazz at Flre In The Valley, The Arkestra in Holland; Rafael Toral in Chicago; AMM In London

5 Editor's Idea 6 Letters 12 Bites Susumu Yokota DJ Scud & Aphasic Jessica Bailrff Werner Dafeldecker 16 Bitstream News from mus~c'souter limits 18 Global Ear iTchKung!'s radical freaks maumau Amsterdam 103 Charts 104 Label Directory 118 Out There December and January's selected festivals, happenings, live events, clubs and radio 128 Back I s sues 129 Subscribe and get FREE CDs and FREE magazines! 130 Epiphanies Cecil Taylor teaches Mark Sinker the meaning of serious fun

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