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February 2024 Volume CXCIX No– 727

p. 66

inen i Hänn iovann

G: ©

, Parma le iona

Naz ico log rcheo

AMuseo f the o to


13 Editor’s Letter 14 Agenda

February museum exhibitions, plus the pick of the IFPDA Print Fair and shows about Black art 21 Around the Galleries

Isabella Smith previews the latest edition of Asia Week New York 27 In Perspective

Hettie Judah on a year of single-sex programming at EMST in Athens 30 Letter

David Gelber visits the spa town of Bad Ischl, a Habsburg holiday destination and a refreshing choice for a European Capital of Culture

Cover An Elephant and Keeper, c. 1650–60, attrib. Ilyas Khan Bahadur (active 1658–1701), Mughal, India, opaque colour and gold on paper, 18 × 22cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York See feature on pp. 44–51


34 Inquiry

Catherine Bennett on the HR crisis that is hobbling Italian museums 38 Architecture

Gillian Darley on how almshouses have adapted over the centuries 41 Food

Pen Vogler on the surprisingly slim pickings for foodies on the Feast of Saint Valentine 43 Jewellery

Lynda Benglis’s wearable works are a perfect fit for the artist, writes Edward Behrens 75 Art Market

Judd Tully reflects on a tough year, as buyers become more risk-averse 81 Collectors’ Focus

Emma Crichton-Miller on the appeal of Chinese silk textiles

Features 44 Courtly Love

Collecting Indian paintings mattered as much to Howard Hodgkin as making his own art, writes Peter Parker 52 Gesture Politics

Julie Mehretu talks to Edward Behrens about making her mark with multilayered paintings informed by diverse art histories 60 Pleasure Principal

Sadako Ohki of Yale University Art Gallery picks out the telling details in scenes by the Japanese printmaker Utagawa Kunisada 66 Stage Presence

Christina Riggs visits the three museums, historic library and Renaissance theatre contained in an imposing palace in Parma


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